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Every time after I finished the movie or book about killing jews,
for many days in the dream I'd keep on dreaming about it.
And I'd think hardly "Why?"

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push, push, push!!!
Even though I've seen this movie long time ago,but I was again touched after watching it.
The real meaning of Ratatouille is a dish of baking sliced veggies.
But the best line is :"Even not everyone is the artist, but there's an artist living in everyone."
BANG, one great shot in my heart.
p.s. even the "big mutural adult man~Ivano" was so touched...

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Some writers are meant to be the writers, some of them are not.
Some of them are knowledgeble, but they're just not the material of writing.
Some of the books touch your heart naturally, unconciously,
some of the books are just showing of, and so I didn't finish this book.
有些人是天生的作家 有些卻不是
有些人博學多聞 可惜卻不是寫作的料
有些書卻只是賣弄 所以我沒有把這本書看完

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Due to Obama won the selection, reminded me about this book "To kill a mockingbird"
so I took the book and reread it again..
The mockingbird happily stays in the tree branches,
he's not bothering anyone.
When the mockingbird faces the gun which holds by the human,
he wouldn't resist, cuz it's in vain.
The early US told a lot differences between black and white.
1931, in Alabama, 9 black young men who were actually innocent
were acused raping 2 white women.
Even after the doctor finally announced that the
2 women made up a fake truth, but the 9 young men
were almost put in the death penalty for few times.
Today the colored man Obama is the president of US,
it's been through a long history of the efforts and sacrafices.
I'm still thinking, no matter black, white, yellow, or red,
which one of the color is not a life, a spirit?
因為老歐當選, 所以我想起了這本書"梅岡城故事"
並不會反抗  因為反抗是徒勞的
雖然醫生證明婦女捏造事實 可是這九名青年幾度曾被判處死刑
我還是在想 無論黑白黃紅
哪一種人不是一條生命 ㄧ個靈魂呢?

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This is the book that I really love recently, I've read 2 times already.
At the very first beginning I saw her on the bookshelf in Eslite (sorry I used "her")
I was attracted by the cover of the chinese version.
After I opened the book and I couldn't stop, I was totally conquered by the author.
A poor concierge who stays in a posh Paris building,
the elegant spirit inside but covered by the appearance of hedgehog.
A rich little girl but full of the thoughts of the unsatisfied of this world,
cuz she's too smart to see through this world.
We can't judge one person by the appearance even we think we have the eyes.
We can't judge on person by the words speaking out by him
even we think we have a brain.
One day moved into the building a japanese who's not that concieted,
and he at the same time brought in the eastern thoughts and peace.
With this chance 2 people with beautiful soul started communicated
After I finished the book and I coudn't stop thinking about it.
If we have sometimes the sides that we wish to hide.
Maybe this side wouldn't be accepted by the world.
Once it's not accepted, with what we hide and pack ourselves?
The niddles of the hedgehog or a nice-looking package?
The chines version is with a nice arm chair which reprensents the smart woman
but who meant to stay in the lawer level of society but unfortunatly smart.
The italian version cover is the girl who's too much mutural than her age
and she almost burn the world which makes her unsatisfied.
Who are you? Yet who am I? In this world how do we get along with ourselves?
Between the glitering of western culture and peace of eastern culture,
who is the middle and where's the contrat?
Is my point your point as well? Is my end also your terminal?
這是我最近最愛的書  我已經連讀兩遍了   剛開始我在誠品看到她 (請恕我用女性的"她") 是被中文版的封面吸引
打開書之後  完全停不下來  被作者了不起的知識給懾服了
ㄧ個住在巴黎高級大廈的貧窮女門房  不起眼的外表下是渴望知識的優雅  
一個身家富貴的小女孩 滿肚子的憤世嫉俗是因為太過聰明看破世態
我們不能憑外表來了解一個人  縱使我們都自以為有一雙眼睛
我們不能憑一個人的談吐來評斷一個人  縱使我們自以為有ㄧ顆腦袋
有一日搬進一個不那麼自以為的日本人  引進了屬於東方的美學與平靜
讀完了書我深思不已   是不是我們有時候也有想隱藏的一面
因為這一面或許不被週遭的環境接受  一旦不被接受 
是刺蝟的刺? 還是華麗的包裝紙?
中文版的封面是ㄧ張單人沙發  是命運注定要待在下層社會卻又聰明女門房
義大利文版的封面卻是太過早熟的女孩  差點要放把火燒掉這個令她不滿的世界
你是誰? 我是誰? 在人群面前我又該如何適從呢?
西方文化的俐落與東方文化的平和? 中心點在何處? 衝突在何處呢?
我的重點是否是你的重點?  我的終點是否是大家的終點呢?

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Some books when you read them, you wanna clap for its' endings. Cuz the end of the book suprises you a lot. This book is talking about the 10 years in Mainland China's culture revolution. The knowledgeble people who had studied must have gone to the country doing the very basic works as labors. Even though, except for "The book of Mao", all of the other books were restricted, you could never stop being greedy for the books for some people. 2 young men, had tried they biggest effort to get a chase of the books. There's a little female tailler, she began with a girl who hardly could recognize any word. But the knowledge change people. She became more and more beautiful and smart, and she started to have the elegance of knowledge too. 2 young men were like feeding her with the nutrition of the words, sharing with her that chase of books. One day, she cut her long hair, and left the 2 men away.  According to what I've said in "The moon of Vancouver", men and women should all have their own space. With the space, your mind would get infinitive. The space comes from words, arts, and the liberty of speaking. Standing in the position of thoughts, no freedom rather die. Between men and women, speaking about the mind, there's never better or worse. Even the congenitial talent needs the acquired environment to provide the irrigation. Girls and boys, let us all stand at the same balanced, equall horizon happily together!

有時候 有些書本讀起來 你會想要為它的結局拍拍手 因為結尾的驚喜讓你覺得很過癮 這本書 描寫中國文革時代知青下放勞動的故事 就算除了毛語錄以外的書都被列為禁書 還是有這麼些愛書人捨不得放棄任何啃嚙書籍的機會 兩個年輕人 想盡辦法弄來了ㄧ箱書  有個小女裁縫師 本來是斗大的字不認得幾個的 可是知識可以教化人 她越來越成熟美麗 散發出知識的氣息 兩個年輕人就好像用文字餵養著她一般 拼命的與她分享那箱書 有天 她居然把長髮給剪了 離他們遠去 延續我在"溫哥華的月亮"所說過的話  男男女女都需要有自己的一片空間  有了空間 你的心就會無限偉大 這空間可以來自文字 來自藝術 來自談話的自由 在思想上 無自由毋寧死  男女之間 在思想上 沒有優劣之分 先天的天份也需要後天的養分來灌溉 女孩們與男孩們  讓我們都一起快樂的站在平等的水平線上吧!

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This book maybe is not that well know among people. But as for the honorable member of "Woolf Simone de Beauvoir Feminine Endings anti-chauvinism naturlism left party association" (I just established 1 minute ago, so far I'm the only member) I have to read this book. The writer is a Taiwanese~Du Shiulan. I always like her books, mature writing, active description and natural. The most important part is she's an expert describing the human nature. As taiwanese, if you don't know her name, maybe you'll know better the book "disobediant girl"? She's the writer. The book "Moon of Vencouver" is talking about the contridiction, homesickness for taiwanese immegrate to Canada. Finally the main character woman got rid of her husband for her husband's cheating affairs. And she established her own profession, career. I'm an immegration too, only I moved from Taiwan to Italy. I know well the language difficulties (in the middle of getting use to it), I know how difficult for a foreigner starting the career (in the process of it). I'm a christian, though I'm against divorcing, but I approve both men and women should have their own space. Sometimes, step back a little bit, the beauty of life increases, every contridition over things decrease. Du Shuilan wrote very well, the whole story is like those people who live close to you. Just look at some new authors using on purpose the wacky, tacky wrods and who are also in lack of the beuty of words, Du is really precious.

這本書可能大家比較少知道 但是身為"吳爾芙西蒙波娃女性後援會之陰性終止反沙豬自然主義左派後援會" 的會員之ㄧ 我一定得看一下這本書 (我ㄧ分鐘前剛成立的 成員目前只有我一個) 作者是杜修蘭 我ㄧ直都喜歡她的書 文字洗鍊 描述生動又自然 最重要的是對於人性的刻畫 她可真是高手  如果不知道誰是杜修蘭 "逆女"這本書聽過吧? 作者就是她  溫哥華的月亮有著台灣移民到加拿大的衝突 思鄉 到最後女主角擺脫因為一時意亂情迷而出軌的丈夫創立自己的一片天的故事 我也是移民 只是我是台灣到義大利的移民 我了解語言不通的痛苦 (克服中) 我了解外國人創業的辛苦 (努力中) 我是基督徒 雖然基督徒反對離婚 可是我贊成男女都該擁有獨立的思考空間 有時候 後退一步  生命的美感反增  於萬事的衝突反而遞減了 杜修蘭寫的好  整個故事活靈活現就好像任何會在你身邊出現的人一樣  反觀最近文壇許多後起濫用怪奇俗不可耐文字缺乏美感的作家 杜修蘭真是出類拔萃

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There's a while that Yvonne's msn nickname's always with "84, charing cross road". I was thinking, what the hell is that? Cuz I'm a person who easily forget about everything, that's why I've never asked. One day, in my college, the book was on the shelf calling me, I took it and paid. After I finished, I was totally estonished by the words. Not only repeating it more than one time, but I was so much impressed by the author Hanff. Whlie reading the book, sometimes I was laughing, sometimes was admiring, in the end of the book, I shed tears for I swallowed many great lines in. Though this book is only the collection of letters between a poor New York writer Hanff and a 2nd hand bookstore located at London 84, Charing cross road. But it seems to be easy for Hanff creating all of those interesting and scarcastic words. Although she's been very poor through all of her life and never get rich. But just take a look in the history of human being, all of the talented people, how many of them were rich and successful? Even though I love reading, but I'd never have her fast mind and elegant taste over books which means I'm too generous for ever single book and I read all of them without considering good or bad. A book lover such as me but greedy, compare with the really cool Hanff, I'm so much more lower in the level. The books which were chosen by Yvonne were always smart. I should follow more the steps of her and Hanff. And as for the elegance of British, the same way I shoud learn.

Last week on the television, luckily I saw the movie of Charing Cross. Hanff was played by the famous Mrs. Robinson from "The graduate". It's very well done. The only pity is one of my favorite part about the book talks about the process of cooking "Yorkshire pudding" was really not highly noted. But still it's good enough. 

有一陣子 林姊的帳號是查令十字路84號 我心想 這是什麼鬼東西? 有於我是個健忘的人 所以完全不會過問  有一天 這本書在北藝大的書架上招喚我 我便拿起它結了帳  看完之後驚為天人  不僅反覆翻閱  更為作者漢芙女士的快人快語給懾服  我時而捧腹 時而佩服 書末 則熱淚盈眶  當真是妙語如珠滾落下肚  這本書 雖然只是紐約窮作家漢芙與倫敦位在查令十字路84號的二手書店的書信往來  然而漢芙信件中妙筆生花乃是信手拈來  雖然她ㄧ生窮困潦倒  從未富有  但歷史上有才氣的人  有幾個是在生前無往不利 富貴榮華呢?  我雖嗜讀叢書  卻沒有她那邊敏捷的思緒和高尚的品味  意指我的品味太氾濫以致任何書籍我都囫圇下肚  也捨不得將再也不看的書丟掉  我這樣貪心的愛書人  比之漢芙的瀟灑  真是自嘆弗如  林姊選書真聰明 我該多追隨林姊和漢芙的腳步  而英國佬的典雅品味  我也該沾沾    

上個禮拜在電視台  幸運的看的了電影版的查令  是由畢業生裡面的羅賓森太太~班克勞馥飾演的   而書店經理法蘭克則是由安東尼霍普金斯飾演的  韻味無窮  只可惜我最喜歡的一段描寫約克夏布丁該如何製作草草帶過  但是也已經很過癮了

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