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After the dinner, around 9,30pm, Emma and Kristof took us to the port by the car. 
Because each on of us had walked for 3km for the day, if we keep on walking it’s gonna kill us. 
Way to the port, there are some places with the poster and written: table dance, 
also there’re some naked ladies’ pictures, I think it’s the red zone…ha. 
There’s a marvelous, great, tunnel which is under the river. Hamburg people are proud of it,
it’s been built in the beginning of the 20th century, that proves how smart and strict in architectures germans could be..
There’re no special decorations inside, only with the simple bricks sticking on the wall, 
I touched the wall, it’s not wet at all. I understood how water-proof this tunnel is. 
I was really impressed. And after we passed the tunnel, the sky finally got dark,
it's all fresh and beautiful in the other side of the river. 05.June.08. 11,30pm

通往港口的路,有許多燈紅酒綠的地方,大方的放著table dance的裸女海報,就是漢堡所謂的紅燈區了。
德國人在此令我欽佩。當我們穿過隧道之後, 天總算暗下來了, 河的對岸是ㄧ片美景.


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German may be seriously organized, but it doesn't mean that they are not artists.
Look at the lovely bench on the side of the roads and this lovely flower shop.
It's full of the arts!

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I was tired for the whole day walking, but I'm as stubborn as mules 
that I wouldn't take off my high heels shoes.
This bench plus the newspaper are like in paradise.
They rescued my legs

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After we spent a lot of money in Kultur bookstore, we were tired and thirsty and hungry. 
Our feet were tired because of the lots walking. So we chosed a lovely restaurant to eat. 
With my poor german we couldn’t understand at all what written on the menu. 
Our waiter couldn’t speak any English. After a long time of sign language (by our hands), 
we chosed 2 dishes that we were not even sure what they were, plus the famous german beer. 
Hmm.. they looked nice and delicious, 
after some bites we realized we were eating each other’s food. Whatever!!! 
We are travelers. 05. June. 08

誰叫我們是旅客呢! 05.June.08

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The 2nd day when I was awake, Emma cooked Italian coffee for all of us. I was totally clear. 
Seriously speaking, Italians are really picky, not amiable about the food, coffee. 
My mouth is not that picky as a real Italian, but talking about the coffee, 
I really have to stand beside with Italians. 
I can’t even touch the water-like American coffee or german coffee. After a cup of coffee, a little bit of the yogurt, 
I couldn’t hold myself and flew out of the house. 
After some clumsy turns, we finally found out the 
Hamburg Folk Museum as we tried to looked for from the map (turists…ha) 
It’s all about Ascia, Africa, and Europe life culture. 
There were some muslim photos really impressed me. 
Women who were wraped with big clothes, into their eyes were filled with hesitate and questions. 
A scary blue room, I saw 2 real mummies, yellow gauze, lying inside the real, antiseptic bodies. 
Saying good bye again to the glorious Indonesia and some huge canoe, 
we stepped out of the museum. 05.June.08, 12pm

2天早上起床  愛瑪阿姨煮了我們喜愛的義大利咖啡
說真的  義大利人真的很挑剔  不太隨和
除了義大利咖啡  義大利麵  義大利食物 其他的咖啡 食物都引不起他們的興趣
我的嘴雖不像義大利人那麼挑 可是我的咖啡胃口卻被養成了義大利人了
如同水一搬的美式咖啡或德式咖啡  我根本連碰都不想碰
喝了咖啡  吃了幾口原位優格  我便迫不及待的衝出去
在幾個迷糊的轉彎口之後 我們終於找到了漢堡美術館
裏面展示的都是有關亞洲  非洲  歐洲的生活文物  其中有幾張穆斯林的照片令我印象深刻
毛骨悚然的藍色房間裡  看到了兩具真正的木乃伊   泛黃的紗布

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Finally after Paris, we had a great trip again.
Just like in my dreams, 
I always love to travel.
This is the time that we step together again in a foreign country.
終於在巴黎之後 我們一起又旅遊

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Elio, Bea, Emma, Kristof are happy.
They all sit in the living room, talked and talked.
I was beside, I was happy for them.
Old friends meeting is something that makes people happy for always.
伊爸, 伊媽, 愛瑪阿姨和克里斯多夫都很開心

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When I went to buy some stuffs in the supermarket, I saw something that made me so excited. 
Almost everyone brought a bad to shopping, for not wasting the plastic bag. 
They totally realize my ideal dream: We have only 1 earth!

Way back to Emma’s house. People who drive the cool car would slowly stop for letting you pass first. 
Most of the people here speak english, it’s a high culture place. 
Seldom rubbish on the road, seldom wacky big citty smell. 
What I meant are like: garbage smell, pigeon smells, dog smells or cigarettes. 
In Hamburg I smell only fresh air or the nice food. Emma lives in the center of Hamburg, it’s an elegant residence.
Outside of the door they have roses, she’s an artistic italian woman, and her job is italian teacher. 
They live in the top floor, they decorated all of their house DIY.
But what both make me and Ivano envy is like their living room~ 
a big big book shelf full of the books and records, and some little dusty countainers. 
The dinner was very casual but delicious, some meat, and salad. 
But what surprised me was when their little daughter Annamaria cut some things 
and fried them~after I tasted it I found out it’s Toufou!!!! Even I was very sleepy, 
but I was totally awake by the homey food.

After we took the shower and lying on the bed, 
it’s already 10pm, but out of the door it’s as lightful as the day time. 
I was lying on the bed, looking outside of the window, the surprisingly silence. 
Some white houses, with windows opened. People inside of the windows either reading silently, 
or holding a cup of water talking. 
But I don’t hear what they talk about. It’s really quiet, because of this quietness, 
I had a little insomnia. No matter what, Hamburg is really beautiful, 
it’s just........ too perfect. That’s the reason why I couldn’t sleep.  04. June.08


遇到行人會停下來讓路大部分的人 就連店員都能說上幾句英文





因為這份寧靜我居然小小的失眠無論如何 漢堡實在是很美麗

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We passed by a 2nd hand bookstore. It was only 5 to 7pm, I was about to step in, 
but the owner has already started closing the door. I asked him: are you closing?

Accidentally, he said to me: ha, even the bookstore has the right to enjoy the privacy. 
I don’t make business after 7pm. But I’ll try to come tomorrow morning on 11pm30.

That’s interesting.

This bookstore is old but full of the movie collections. 
Old, but complete, I thought about the book “Charing Cross road no.84 ”.
 I asked the owner if he had read this book, he said no, 
but he knows it’s about a 2nd hand bookstore too. He’s from Denmark.



令我聯想到 查令十字路口84這本書,我問老闆他有沒有看過,

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My eyes are keeping on floating in a strange way. Except for I’m too tire so I can’t fall into sleep, I am very much thinking about what I’ve seen after we gotta out of the airplane in Hamburg. Hamburg is a citty that makes me surprised, all of the houses you don’t see any imperfection~clean, organized lying on the both sides of the roads. Clean but not boring, very colorful each one of them. The roofs are the typical European house type, sharp with the attics. Every house is full of the plants, trees or maybe beautiful flowers outside. “Verdissimo” is the word that Emma used for describing this citty, which means extreamly green in Italian. In the afternoon me and Ivano went on the streets for taking a little walk. Huge roads were all quiet! Even there’re some cars passing by, you feel like they’re very organized and quiet. It seems to be like in this citty. All of the noises are closed into some secret box.  04.June.08. 11,30pm

我的眼皮一直上下浮動除了精神狀況太累睡不著之外腦中也一直想著下飛機之後漢堡這個城市的一切漢堡是個很令我驚訝的城市所有的房子你看不到任何的瑕疵乾乾淨淨整整齊齊的座落在道路的兩側乾淨卻不死板五顏六色的。屋頂是典型的歐式小屋有稜有角的那種每棟房子的外圍除了綠意盎然,還間或長著一叢叢的玫瑰Verdissimo 愛瑪阿姨如此形容這個城市就是綠的不得了的意思,到處都植花種樹下午我和小伊到街上散了個小步異常寬敞的大馬路寂靜無聲即便是有車輛經過也是井井有條似乎在這個城市所有的噪音都被關起來了。04.June.08. 11,30pm

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Bea’s best friend Emma married to a german~Kristof in Hamburg. They have a great family and 5 great chidren. Luca, Giulia, Mattia, Marco and Annamaria. Mattia and Marco were going to have a cresima (catholic adult baptism). They invited Ivano to be their son’s godfather. So there we were!!!

This morning when I woke up it was only 4:30am, I really felt like dying. 5,30am, zio Mimmo came and picked us up to the airport. When we arrived in Rome, it was only 7,30am. For transforing to Hamburg we had to spend 7hrs in Rome. So we decided to go to the citty by train. We passed piazza di Venezia and Spagna, though I’ve be here before, but I was still very enchanted.

Cuz everywhere here had my memory. Everyone was crazily taking the pitures, cuz they were all turists. I was looking at them, thinking it’s a little bit silly but at the same time, in my hands were holding tightly as well my camera. For making my blog, taking pics like a maniac.

Rome’s subway is dark, very much like a hole. It made me remember Paris subway, the same old and dirty, but cute. The train back to Rome airport was 11,35am, we caught the train at the last second, but unfortunately, Ivano was been closed outside of the train. He’s maid but we couldn’t do anything. Oh gosh I felt so tired!!! I really wanna get some sleep!!  04.June.08   12pm
今天早上點四十起床只睡了一個多小時起床的時候簡直就想昏倒點半 Mimmo叔叔來接我們到機場飛機點半起飛到羅馬的時候才點半我們因為要轉機個小時所以便搭了火車到羅馬市中心雖然以前就來過羅馬了可是再來一次還是很開心。威尼斯廣場和西班牙廣場都有我的回憶,我為了製作部落格拼命的照相,真有點俗氣。在西班牙廣場我們買了香甜的烤栗子,邊吃栗子邊看廣場來來往往的人大部份是夏季的遊客大家爭先恐後的要留影羅馬的地下鐵很黑暗像一個洞讓我懷念起巴黎同樣舊舊髒髒的地鐵。回機場的火車是十一點三十五分我們在最後一秒趕倒上車時小伊竟然被關在車門外他很氣但也無可奈何,只好等下一班火車了好想趕快睡一覺好睏啊!04.六月.08   12pm


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