This is our school lunch. We paid 6 euros for each meal. 
You could see over-cooked hot dogs, not fresh salad, 
smushed potato, old cheese and warm yogurt.    yuk...
Very dirty forks, knifes and plates.
But this italian girl Barbara was happy to see the food.
While waiting for the free space in school residence, she was staying in a horrible host family before.
1.This family provided her 2 eggs and 1 piece of crepe for both lunch and dinner every day.
   They said "hey, it's the typical, original french meal."
2. Everyday Barbara took the bath with cold water which freeze her to death. 
   (7'c or 8'c everyday in Paris )
3. They never change the sheets for her and sometimes she saw "little animals" 
   (which she said she didn't know how to call them in english) climbing on the bed.
   and I realized that they were cockroaches.
4. An american girl complained to school about them. So in the middle of the night.
    The man of the house threw her stuffs to the street and told her to stay out there.
Barbara was scared so she chose to be silent and obedient.
So when she saw these junk food she was happy 
cuz she finally got rid of the life with 28 eggs in 1 week....................................
這是我們的學校午餐 我們每餐付六歐元
如圖你可見燒焦的熱狗 不新鮮的沙拉
馬鈴薯泥 很老的臭乳酪和溫溫的優格 噁
很髒的叉子 刀子 和盤子
1. 這個家庭每午晚餐只給她兩顆蛋和一片可麗餅
     他們說 "這可是正統的法國菜"
2. 每天她們只洗冷死人的冷水澡 (當時法國的溫度每天只有七或八度)
3. 他們永遠都不換床單 有時候芭芭拉看到 "小動物"
    (她不知道怎麼用英文稱呼它們  後來我明白了 是蟑螂)
4. 一個美國女生到學校去抱怨這個家庭
   在半夜  男主人把她的東西丟到大馬路上叫她滾

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