Cool gilrs~ well-dressed. 有打扮過~很酷的女生.

Girls who just woke for breakfast~ without make up. 剛起床吃早餐的女生~素顏.

Radima's with black hair, gentle, polite, with very beautiful eyes.
Zarema's with brown hair, tall and slim, crazy and cute face.
They are sisters. And then they became my sisters in Paris.
In Paris, we had to take care of each others. 
It's very easy to make friends with them.
They had the best character of the world that immeditately with no difficulties you love them totally.
The day we became friends was me alone passing by the gallery of the school.
Zarema called me "hey girl, we are going to Seine River, wanna come?"
That was still the period of time I was trying very hard to remember how to pronounce their names.
and just like that, we became friends.
We had the common jokes, gossip, and favorite songs.
We went out for shopping and pic-nic and dancing for the whole night.
I remember every specail night we spent together.
Wondering on the cold Paris streets for the whole night.
I dedicated this song to them, the song which we loved so much.
I don't wanna know/ by Mario Winans
ps. they will kill me coz I post their pic without the make-up
Love you girls.
拉蒂瑪有著黑色的頭髮 有教養 有禮貌 還有美麗的眼睛
札列瑪有著棕色的頭髮 又高又瘦 瘋癲 還有可愛的臉蛋
她們是一對姐妹 然後在巴黎 她們變成了我的姊妹
因為在巴黎  我們必須互相照顧
她們有著全世界最可愛的個性 使你可以輕易的愛上她們
我記得我們成為朋友的那天  我一個人經過走廊
札列瑪叫住我 "嘿! 我們要去塞納河 要來嗎?"
但是就這樣 我們馬上變成了朋友
我們有共通的笑話 八卦 還有最喜歡的歌
我們一起逛街 野餐 還有跳一整夜的舞
I don't wanna know / by Mario Winans
ps 如果她們知道我把她們素顏的照片po上來她們會殺了我

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