Salame, means the italian sausage, when you cut the salame in slices, you see the white spots which are the fat are the meat.
The reason why this dessert is called chocolate salame is not because there's the fat inside.
It's because it contains the shattered cookie pieaced inside, and they make the dessert look like salame,
I made this in muffin shape, but you can also make it as a role and cut it into slices, so it looks really like salame.
Very muture and fantastic taste!!!
any type of cookie x 300 g (but not chocolate cookies)
sugar x 150 g
egg  x 3
butter x 100g
cacao powder x 100 g
any type of liquore for making the sweets x 1/2 cup (I used Vino Aromatirrato Marsala)
a. shatter the cookies into powder
b. whip the egg yolk and suger, and add the cacao powder inside
c. add the liquore into the cookie pieces, stir it very well
d. add the stired egg into the cookie
e. install eveything into the muffin cups or role them as a sausage shape
f. pour some cacao powder and put them into the fridge (up) for 2 hrs and it's done!!
沙拉米 意思是義式臘腸 當你把沙拉米切片時 你會看到一點一點的白色脂肪
我把它們放在瑪芬蛋糕杯子裡 可是你也可以把它們捲成一長條再切片 看起來就真的很像沙拉米了
任何一種餅乾 x 300 g (但不要是巧克力餅乾)
糖 x 150 g
蛋 x 3顆
可可粉 x 100 克
任何一種做甜點用的烹調酒 x 1/2 杯 (我用的牌子是 Vino Aromatirrato Marsala 可以找找看)
a. 將餅乾打成碎屑
b. 將蛋黃和糖打發 並加入可可粉攪拌
c. 將酒加入餅乾屑當中 攪拌均勻
d. 將打發好的蛋黃加入餅乾中
e. 將拌好的麵糊分別裝入瑪芬蛋糕杯子中或捲成條狀切片
f. 另外灑上可可粉放入冰箱冷凍庫(上層)兩小時後就完成了!!!


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