okok I know that crepe's from France, but italians have their way of making crepe.
plz try to make it by yourself, and you'll love it.
Who says that you can't make the salty crepe?
(A)Recipe of Crepe:
egg x 3, flour x 300g, milk x 500g, salt x 1 sp.
a. mix all of the ingredients together
b. put the bowl in the fridge for 10 min
c. butter the pan, and start cooking it, when it turns to crispy and yellow and it's done.
(B)Recipe of filling:
any type of cheese, liquid cream, parmesan, pepper, garlic, ham (salama, bacon)
(C) when crepes are done, fill the stuffings inside, then bake them in the oven
      for 15 min until the stuffings melted.
      you can dress some tomatos or rucola besides
好好好 我知道可麗餅是來自法國  可是義大利人也會做可麗餅啊!!!
請自己在家試試看 然後你就會知道滋味很好
蛋 x 3顆, 麵粉 x 300克, 牛奶 x 500克, 鹽 x1匙
a. 將所有材料混何均勻
b. 放置冰箱中十分鐘
c. 將奶油塗抹平底鍋中 煎至金黃可起鍋
任何一種乳酪, 鮮奶油, 帕梅善乾酪粉, 胡椒, 大蒜, 火腿 (義式火腿或培根)
(C) 將餡料填入煎好的可麗餅中 入烤箱烤十五分鐘直到所有的餡料融化
      呈盤 可用小番茄或芝麻葉裝飾

if you have some left crepes, fill the chocolate butter inside
and pull some cocao powder or sugar powder on them,
it's the french crepe!!!. Deeeeeeeeeeeeelicious.
如果你有剩下的可麗餅皮 將巧克力醬填入
就是法式可麗餅了  超超超超超超超超好吃


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