Quiche~ in french means the pie, Laurraine~ means some thing made with butter, cheese, milk
When I was studying in Paris, everyday in the lunch time, I would spend 1 euro for buying a slice of this pie.
It's with extremly strong flavor of egg and butter. I'll forever want to take a slice of it.
paste brisee x 1 (it's really better if you don't make it by yourself, it takes too much time. 
you can buy it easily in supermarket.)
egg x 4, liquid cream x 250g, chopped bacon x 300g, chadder cheese or any other tye x 150g, 
milk x 1/2 cup, pepper, salt
a. bake the paste first (250'c x 10 min) , with the fork to poke some holes to release the air before.
    in case if the paste growing upward in the middle of baking.
b. mix all of the ingredient and pull them on the baked paste
    (200'c x 40 min) and it's done!!!!!!!
!! before taking the quiche out of the oven, check very well if the ingredient in the middle is still flowing.
   if it's still liquid, keep baking for more time.
Quiche~法文指的是派一樣形狀的食物 Laurraine~指的是奶油 乳酪 牛奶一類的乳製品
當我在巴黎唸書的時候 每天午餐時間 我會花ㄧ歐元買一塊這樣的鹹派
有著濃厚的奶香以及肉香 我永遠都會想來一塊
油酥派皮 x 1張 (強烈建議你不要試著自己做 太花時間了 超市就買的到)
蛋 x 4 顆, 鮮奶油 X 250克, 切碎培根 x 300克, 巧達乳酪或任何一種乳酪x 150 克
牛奶 x 1/2 杯, 胡椒, 鹽
a. 先稍烤派皮 (250'c x 10 分鐘) 記得事先用叉子在派皮上戳洞以釋放空氣
b. 混合所有餡料倒在烤過的派皮上 (200'c x 40 分鐘)便完成
!! 取出鹹派之前 請確認所有餡料是否熟透 如果還是液態狀就繼續烘烤

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