Generally speaking, I don't really enjoy sweet food.
When I wanna grab something to eat, all of the cookies are sweet!!
This type of salty biscuit is just perfect for me.
Recipe :
(1) flour x 140g, salt x 1/4 teasp, baking powder x 1/5 teasp, sugar x 80g,
      parmesan x 100g, egg white x 1/2, butter x 15g, water x 50c.c.
(2) egg white x 1/2, parmesan x 40g
a. mix all of the (1) ingredient, and you'll get a paste
b. cover the paste with a wet tower and wait for 15mins
c. flat the paste and press them wih the cookie cutters
d. rub (2) on each cracker
e. bake them in the oven (180'c x 15mins)
ㄧ般來說  我不喜歡甜食
當我肚子餓想要抓點什麼來吃時 餅乾永遠是甜的~~
(1) 麵粉x140克, 鹽 x 1/4 小匙, 發粉 x 1/5小匙, 糖 x 80克
     帕梅善乾酪粉 x 100克, 蛋白 x 1/2顆, 奶油 x 15克, 水 x 50克
(2) 蛋白 x 1/2 顆, 帕梅善 x 40克
a. 將所有(1)的材料混合均勻揉成麵糰
b. 蓋上一塊濕毛巾醒十五分鐘
c. 擀平麵糰 用餅乾壓模壓出形狀
d. 每個餅乾塗上(2)
e. 入烤箱烘烤(180'c x 15分鐘) 


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