Hahahahah, you think I really eat the bull's eyes??
of course not, this is just a type of cookie, italians call it "bull's eye".
(1)butter x 1and1/4cup, sugar x 3/4cup, powerdered sugar x 2/3cup, 
    egg x 1, vanilla x 1 teasp, flour x 3cups, salt x 1/3 teasp, powdered cocoa x 1/4 cup
(2)chocolate butter, powederdered sugar
a. whip the butter, sugar and egg, when the color get whiter add other 
     ingredient from (1)
b. with the cookie cutter to cut them in shape, half of them cut into  circles,
    half of them cut into circles with a little hole in the middle
c. bake them in the oven (160'c x 20mins)
d. when the baked cookies get cool, take 1 piece of circle down, 
    another piece of circle with the hole, rub the chocolate butter in the middle
e. pour some powdered sugar on them
哈哈哈哈哈 你以為我真的吃牛的眼睛嗎?
當然不是 這是一種義大利餅乾 叫做"牛眼餅乾"
(1) 奶油 x 1又1/4杯, 糖 x 3/4杯, 糖粉 x 2/3 杯
      蛋 x 1顆, 香草精 x 1 小匙, 麵粉 x 3杯, 鹽 x 1/3小匙, 可可粉 x 1/4/杯
(2) 巧克力醬, 糖粉
a. 將奶油, 糖以及蛋打在一起 等到顏色變淡時
b. 用餅乾壓模壓出形狀 一半壓出圓形
c. 入烤箱烘烤 (160'c x 20分鐘)
d. 當餅乾烤好冷卻以後 拿一片圓型在下面
    再拿一片有洞的圓形在上面 中間夾巧克力醬
e. 灑上糖粉便完成


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