How is it possible? That you see these women laughing so crazy?
We are Nai sisters, and 4ever we will be. (we miss another Naiman, she's in US.)
Naicin, we started knowing each other since we were 3.
She's the 1st friend in my life. 26 I am right now 
which means we've known each for 23 years.
Kindergarten, elementary school, junior high, even when we got to senior high, 
every night we studied together. Naicin's super!!!! 
Our friendship will forever be as hard a the stones!
Naili, my best classmate in junior high. In the class we had no other girl friends,
we had only each other. Cuz maybe others considered us as freaky girls, 
but we knew that they were just silly.
I'll never forget the last year every night 
we were sining A-mei's song together in the stairsroom.
Viva nai sisters!
怎麼可能? 怎麼會有三個女人笑得像瘋子一樣呢?
我們是永遠的"奶"式姐妹 (獨缺在美國的奶滿)
奶芹, 我們三歲就認識了 
她是我人生中第一個朋友 現在我二十六了
表示我們已經共渡了二十三個年頭 媽呀
幼稚園 小學 國中當我們上了高中還每天都一起K書
奶麗, 我國中最要好的同學 在班上我們並沒有其他的女生朋友
其他人或許覺得我們是怪女生 可是在我們心裡那只代表她們有點蠢


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