The reason why spring roll is called "spring roll" is because when it's spring time,
you put all of the spring vegetables with the pork inside of the paste.
Spring roll paste is as thin as a piece of paper.
Buy them in Chinese stores or supermarket, never try to make them by yourself!!
Everytime when I 'm eating the spring roll, I think of the chinese new year's table.
It's full of the nice smell and laughters.
spring roll paste x 20~30 pieces, shred pork x 500g, shred scallion x 1cup,
shred chives x 2cups, shred toufu x 1cup, bean spout x 1cup, chopped garlic x 2,
soybean sauce x 3 tablesp, salt, white pepper, chutney sauce
if the ingredient above you don't find them in your country, you can also fill in
some "shred white onion, fennel, carrot, asparagus, apple, cucumber, 
marshroom, green yellow red pepper" I think they are all good for being instead of.
a. in a chinese pan, saute first the scallion, chives, bean spout and garlic (vegetable)
    then add in toufu, pork, salt, pepper, and soybean
b. spoon up some of these stuffings above and put them in a corner of the paste,
     roll it first a little bit, fold the both right and left sides in the middle, 
     roll it all together, close the roll by sticking with a little bit of water.
c. fry all of them in a deep oil pan, when them get crispy, put them in a plate, 
    dress some chutney sauce.
春捲之所以叫"春捲" 是因為裡面包的都是春天季節才會出現的食材
然後我們把它們全部包到春捲皮裡面  春捲皮薄如紙
非常建議你在中國商店或超市購買 請勿嘗試自己製作
每次我ㄧ吃春捲  就想起我們農曆春節的團圓桌
春捲皮x20~30張, 豬肉絲x500克, 蔥絲x1杯, 韭黃絲x1杯, 豆腐絲x1杯,
豆芽菜x1杯, 蒜末x2顆, 醬油x3大匙, 鹽, 白胡椒, 甜辣醬
如果你在的國家找不到以上的食材 也可以用當地食材取代
"白洋蔥絲, 紅蘿蔔絲, 茴香, 蘆筍, 節瓜, 磨菇, 綠黃紅椒"我覺得都非常適合
a. 在中式炒鍋中 放入蔥絲, 韭黃絲, 豆芽菜, 蒜末 (蔬菜類) 先炒
    再加入豆腐絲, 豬肉絲, 鹽, 胡椒, 醬油
b. 舀一匙以上的餡料放在春捲皮的一角 先稍微捲一下
    再把左右兩邊向中間摺  最後全部捲起  沾水封口
c. 在油炸鍋中油炸春捲  待金黃後撈起 上桌前以甜辣醬搭配裝飾


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