Josephine who understands me and loves me very much is a real big sister to me.
My 1st impression of her was her intelligence when I knew her in the sophomore year.
2nd impression of her was her kindly taking care of everyone heart 
and being so smart to know what you are thinking about.
3rd impression was her forever passion and energy for every moment of the life.
We knew each other when we were working for Godot.
When I was still leaving in the dorm, sometimes I just suddenly wanted to drive
to her renting apartment. And I forced her to chat with me for the whole night.
I'll never forget that night, I was very sad, I dialed to her and cried to her.
The next minute she understood me, Thank you Josephine. 
了解我 愛我的桂芬有著大姊的風範與派頭
很會照顧人 洞悉你心裡的一切是第二印象
住宿舍的時候 常常半夜心血來潮就開車到她租的房子
我不會忘記那天晚上 很傷心 拿起電話 對著桂芬大哭
不出一秒她就明瞭了   謝謝桂芬


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