This dish I learned from my Paris land lord, 
oh dear, just by looking at the picture and I feel watering in my mouth.
This was the dish that she always made for us.
Juicy beef, smooth potato cube, hmmmm, let's do it!!
Beef x 4~5slices, small potato x 4 (peeled and cut in cubes), tomato x 2 (cut in cubes), 
black olives with out the seeds (within or without), shred white onions x 1, olive oil x 1cup,
thyme x 2 tablesp, white wine x 1/2 cup, chopped garlic x 3, salt, black pepper.
a. knead thyme, wine, salt, pepper and garlic into the beef, then add in potato, tomato, onion and oil
b. put the plate in the fridge for 1 hr, make the wine soften the meat. 
c. bake the plate in the oven (180'c x 30~40mins)
這道菜是我學巴黎的房東做的 天哪~ 光是看照片我就口水直流了
鮮嫩多汁的牛肉 鬆軟的馬鈴薯 啊~~~快來做做看吧~
牛排肉x4~5片, 小馬鈴薯x4顆(削皮並切丁), 蕃茄x2顆(切丁)
黑橄欖去籽(可有可無), 洋蔥x1顆(切絲), 橄欖油x1杯
百里香x2大匙, 白酒x1/2杯, 大蒜x3顆(切碎), 鹽, 黑胡椒
a. 將百里香, 白酒, 大蒜, 鹽, 黑胡椒搓揉到牛排中使其入味 加入馬鈴薯, 蕃茄, 洋蔥, 橄欖油
b. 將盤子放入冰箱冷藏一個小時 讓白酒軟化肉質
c. 入烤箱烘烤 (180'c x 30~40分鐘)


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