My sister Bianca is of course one of my happy little helpers.
In fact, I need her help for everythin
She burns in making fun (but according to what she said, she wants to be only "a hot chick")
Having a sister like this makes my life really interesting.
So she's not only my sister but also my friend.
My favorite this is to slave her and to control her.
I think she liks it too! (guess she'll bit me later)
She's too funny that her ex-bf was called "coquetiish"
She can imitate perfectly the frog, orangutan (every animal)
She's chubby but she doesn't mind at all.
Everyday as her wish, she still eats a lot. (isn't she very "without vulgarity"?)
It's too joyful living with her.
She's easy to get happy, and her laughters are very affective.
Even though she's very lazy, but she has a very generous mind.
I've said so much points seem like her defects but actually these are her strong points.
No one unlike her!!!!
This is super Bianca!! 
事實上 任何事我都需要她幫忙
她是天生的搞笑人物 (可是據她說 她想當的是"尤物")
我最喜歡做的事就是奴役她 還有控制她
我猜她也甘之如飴 (我看她會揍我)
她會唯妙唯肖的學青蛙叫 學猩猩 (所有的動物) 
她有一點小肉肉 可是她一點都不介意 
每天還是大吃  一點都不被肥胖所擾 (看她是不是很脫俗?)
而且她的笑點很低 笑聲很有感染力
雖然她很懶 可是她很大而化之 心胸寬大
說了這麼多   看似缺點 其實都是她的優點


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