As for my sis Bianca I've said so much at "my best friends' profiles"
But I can't stop to say a little bit mor
Something about Bianca's habitual behavior:
if there are 24 hrs a day, she can sleep for 24 hrs.
After she's awake, she'll eat, and then sleeps again.
Life for her is "eating and sleeping"
Hahah, isn't it happy? I actually envy her.
My bro Sam, when he was young he was a "mr. Smile"
When he was 2 or 3, due to the little vocabularies he had,
even when someone hit on his head, he'd smilely said :"thank you."
When he grew up, his smiles and laughters decreased,
but he started to have this weird pet phrase "Mouuu"
He answers everything with "mou",
sometimes it's funny, sometimes it's bothering.
Once Bianca got really maid and she yeilded to him:
"oh, you cow, go eat the grass!!"
Even though we seldom see his smiles now,
but his passion hides in his heart whiche is "painting". 
It's something he really likes.
Let's hope he'll keep on painting forever!!
一天如果有二十四小時 她可以睡上二十四小時
醒來後 吃吃東西還想睡
人生對她來說 就是吃和睡
哈哈  真羨慕她有個快樂人生
我弟趙凡 小時候是個"微笑先生"
他大概兩三歲的時候 由於會使用的字彙很少
所以連人家撞到他的頭 他也大笑說: 謝謝
長大後 大笑和微笑變少了 
卻多了一個口頭禪 "哞"
他凡事都用"哞"來回答 有時候很好笑 有時候卻很煩
趙書有一次整個氣到了  對他大吼說"你去吃草好了!"
就是"畫畫" 他真正喜歡做的是就是畫畫



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