Bea’s best friend Emma married to a german~Kristof in Hamburg. They have a great family and 5 great chidren. Luca, Giulia, Mattia, Marco and Annamaria. Mattia and Marco were going to have a cresima (catholic adult baptism). They invited Ivano to be their son’s godfather. So there we were!!!

This morning when I woke up it was only 4:30am, I really felt like dying. 5,30am, zio Mimmo came and picked us up to the airport. When we arrived in Rome, it was only 7,30am. For transforing to Hamburg we had to spend 7hrs in Rome. So we decided to go to the citty by train. We passed piazza di Venezia and Spagna, though I’ve be here before, but I was still very enchanted.

Cuz everywhere here had my memory. Everyone was crazily taking the pitures, cuz they were all turists. I was looking at them, thinking it’s a little bit silly but at the same time, in my hands were holding tightly as well my camera. For making my blog, taking pics like a maniac.

Rome’s subway is dark, very much like a hole. It made me remember Paris subway, the same old and dirty, but cute. The train back to Rome airport was 11,35am, we caught the train at the last second, but unfortunately, Ivano was been closed outside of the train. He’s maid but we couldn’t do anything. Oh gosh I felt so tired!!! I really wanna get some sleep!!  04.June.08   12pm
今天早上點四十起床只睡了一個多小時起床的時候簡直就想昏倒點半 Mimmo叔叔來接我們到機場飛機點半起飛到羅馬的時候才點半我們因為要轉機個小時所以便搭了火車到羅馬市中心雖然以前就來過羅馬了可是再來一次還是很開心。威尼斯廣場和西班牙廣場都有我的回憶,我為了製作部落格拼命的照相,真有點俗氣。在西班牙廣場我們買了香甜的烤栗子,邊吃栗子邊看廣場來來往往的人大部份是夏季的遊客大家爭先恐後的要留影羅馬的地下鐵很黑暗像一個洞讓我懷念起巴黎同樣舊舊髒髒的地鐵。回機場的火車是十一點三十五分我們在最後一秒趕倒上車時小伊竟然被關在車門外他很氣但也無可奈何,只好等下一班火車了好想趕快睡一覺好睏啊!04.六月.08   12pm


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