My eyes are keeping on floating in a strange way. Except for I’m too tire so I can’t fall into sleep, I am very much thinking about what I’ve seen after we gotta out of the airplane in Hamburg. Hamburg is a citty that makes me surprised, all of the houses you don’t see any imperfection~clean, organized lying on the both sides of the roads. Clean but not boring, very colorful each one of them. The roofs are the typical European house type, sharp with the attics. Every house is full of the plants, trees or maybe beautiful flowers outside. “Verdissimo” is the word that Emma used for describing this citty, which means extreamly green in Italian. In the afternoon me and Ivano went on the streets for taking a little walk. Huge roads were all quiet! Even there’re some cars passing by, you feel like they’re very organized and quiet. It seems to be like in this citty. All of the noises are closed into some secret box.  04.June.08. 11,30pm

我的眼皮一直上下浮動除了精神狀況太累睡不著之外腦中也一直想著下飛機之後漢堡這個城市的一切漢堡是個很令我驚訝的城市所有的房子你看不到任何的瑕疵乾乾淨淨整整齊齊的座落在道路的兩側乾淨卻不死板五顏六色的。屋頂是典型的歐式小屋有稜有角的那種每棟房子的外圍除了綠意盎然,還間或長著一叢叢的玫瑰Verdissimo 愛瑪阿姨如此形容這個城市就是綠的不得了的意思,到處都植花種樹下午我和小伊到街上散了個小步異常寬敞的大馬路寂靜無聲即便是有車輛經過也是井井有條似乎在這個城市所有的噪音都被關起來了。04.June.08. 11,30pm

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