The 2nd day when I was awake, Emma cooked Italian coffee for all of us. I was totally clear. 
Seriously speaking, Italians are really picky, not amiable about the food, coffee. 
My mouth is not that picky as a real Italian, but talking about the coffee, 
I really have to stand beside with Italians. 
I can’t even touch the water-like American coffee or german coffee. After a cup of coffee, a little bit of the yogurt, 
I couldn’t hold myself and flew out of the house. 
After some clumsy turns, we finally found out the 
Hamburg Folk Museum as we tried to looked for from the map (turists…ha) 
It’s all about Ascia, Africa, and Europe life culture. 
There were some muslim photos really impressed me. 
Women who were wraped with big clothes, into their eyes were filled with hesitate and questions. 
A scary blue room, I saw 2 real mummies, yellow gauze, lying inside the real, antiseptic bodies. 
Saying good bye again to the glorious Indonesia and some huge canoe, 
we stepped out of the museum. 05.June.08, 12pm

2天早上起床  愛瑪阿姨煮了我們喜愛的義大利咖啡
說真的  義大利人真的很挑剔  不太隨和
除了義大利咖啡  義大利麵  義大利食物 其他的咖啡 食物都引不起他們的興趣
我的嘴雖不像義大利人那麼挑 可是我的咖啡胃口卻被養成了義大利人了
如同水一搬的美式咖啡或德式咖啡  我根本連碰都不想碰
喝了咖啡  吃了幾口原位優格  我便迫不及待的衝出去
在幾個迷糊的轉彎口之後 我們終於找到了漢堡美術館
裏面展示的都是有關亞洲  非洲  歐洲的生活文物  其中有幾張穆斯林的照片令我印象深刻
毛骨悚然的藍色房間裡  看到了兩具真正的木乃伊   泛黃的紗布

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