This is my student Jenny, she's really cute, I taught her english when I was in Taiwan. We are actually more like friends. When we met each other, we chatted and we took some coffee and dessert. It's always happy to talk to her. I miss the time teaching her, I always had to stop her chatting with me so that I could continue the lessons. She's nice and great girl. In stead of a student, she's more like my friend.
這是我的學生依恬 她很可愛 當我在台灣時我教她英文  我們其實比較像朋友 當我們碰面時 我們會聊天 喝點咖啡或吃點點心 和她說話很愉快 我很想念教她英文的時光 我每次都必須阻止她和我聊天好繼續上課 她是個善良又可愛的女孩 比起學生她更像我的好朋友

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