Who are these strange people? Me and Anna, we were like 2 tacky girls with the bad taste of clothing. Who made this happened? Fulvio and Alessandra. The night of 80' party, we found out the clothes that our moms used to wear... gosh, tacky and old fashion all over us. Ha, but lovely couple Alessandra and Fulvio prepared so much for us. Hamburgers, music, games... it was a great night though. (see more pics in my album)

誰是這些怪咖?? 我和安娜 我們好像兩個俗不可耐的女人 穿著可怕的衣服 是誰導致的呢? 富維爾和亞莉山卓  這是八零年代的派對 我們找到一些老媽子的衣服穿在身上 天哪 說有多俗氣就有多俗氣 整個超過時的 哈 但是可愛的情侶檔亞莉山卓和富維爾為我們準備了豐盛的漢堡 音樂 遊戲 整個晚上都很精采呢 (更多照片在我的相簿裡)



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