His name is Domenico but we call him Mimi. He's Ivano's great uncle and he's a person who loves music very much. He's 64 years old but he wants still so much to learn eveything about music. It's my honor to teach him. Even he's not young but he parctices better than any of my little young students. When he plays the piano, not only he practices the score, but also he tried to memorize all of the melody in the mind and then sings with it, again and again. He teaches me italian and latin when I tutor him the piano. I remember once when he opened the stereo and listened "Madama Butterfly" of Puccini, when the song came to a high note part, he suddenly said: "addeso, io piango" (now, I cry.) and he sheded the tears.

他的名字叫多明尼加 可是我們都叫他Mimi 他是老伊的表叔 是一個非常熱愛音樂的人 他已經六十四歲了可是他仍然十分想要學習有關音樂的一切  能夠教他是我的榮幸  雖然他已經不年輕了可是他練起琴來比我任何一個年輕的學生都認真 當他在彈琴時 他不止照譜上的彈奏 還一遍又一遍的把譜都背下來並且大聲的唱出來 當我在教他鋼琴時  他也會教我義大利文和拉丁文  我記得有一次他打開音響聆聽普契尼 "蝴蝶夫人" 當歌曲到某一個高音部份時 他突然說 "Adesso, io piango" (現在 我哭) 然後淌下淚來

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