It's my favorite cafe' with my favorite coffee. Before going there, at 2pm in the afternoon I have to call the owner for waking him up to open the cafe' for us. It's in the 2nd floor, besides Danshui river. There I had my great youth, I didn't have to go to Paris and sit on the left riverband. Here I believe it's better. Great music always, the nice smell of coffee, people smoking. I don't smoke, but I like to see the smoke flowing in the air. The sun shines in diretly without the disturbing of windows. We are surely more happier than french royalties.

這是我最喜歡的咖啡座以及咖啡 如果我下午兩點要前往 必須先打電話叫老闆起床開門 在二樓 淡水河旁邊 那裡曾有過我的年少輕狂 我不需要去巴黎左岸 因為這裡我覺得反倒更好 好音樂 好聞的咖啡 人們抽著菸 我不抽菸 可是我喜歡看著煙霧上升 陽光沒有了窗戶的阻隔直接照射進來 我們肯定比法國貴族還幸福


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