This book maybe is not that well know among people. But as for the honorable member of "Woolf Simone de Beauvoir Feminine Endings anti-chauvinism naturlism left party association" (I just established 1 minute ago, so far I'm the only member) I have to read this book. The writer is a Taiwanese~Du Shiulan. I always like her books, mature writing, active description and natural. The most important part is she's an expert describing the human nature. As taiwanese, if you don't know her name, maybe you'll know better the book "disobediant girl"? She's the writer. The book "Moon of Vencouver" is talking about the contridiction, homesickness for taiwanese immegrate to Canada. Finally the main character woman got rid of her husband for her husband's cheating affairs. And she established her own profession, career. I'm an immegration too, only I moved from Taiwan to Italy. I know well the language difficulties (in the middle of getting use to it), I know how difficult for a foreigner starting the career (in the process of it). I'm a christian, though I'm against divorcing, but I approve both men and women should have their own space. Sometimes, step back a little bit, the beauty of life increases, every contridition over things decrease. Du Shuilan wrote very well, the whole story is like those people who live close to you. Just look at some new authors using on purpose the wacky, tacky wrods and who are also in lack of the beuty of words, Du is really precious.

這本書可能大家比較少知道 但是身為"吳爾芙西蒙波娃女性後援會之陰性終止反沙豬自然主義左派後援會" 的會員之ㄧ 我一定得看一下這本書 (我ㄧ分鐘前剛成立的 成員目前只有我一個) 作者是杜修蘭 我ㄧ直都喜歡她的書 文字洗鍊 描述生動又自然 最重要的是對於人性的刻畫 她可真是高手  如果不知道誰是杜修蘭 "逆女"這本書聽過吧? 作者就是她  溫哥華的月亮有著台灣移民到加拿大的衝突 思鄉 到最後女主角擺脫因為一時意亂情迷而出軌的丈夫創立自己的一片天的故事 我也是移民 只是我是台灣到義大利的移民 我了解語言不通的痛苦 (克服中) 我了解外國人創業的辛苦 (努力中) 我是基督徒 雖然基督徒反對離婚 可是我贊成男女都該擁有獨立的思考空間 有時候 後退一步  生命的美感反增  於萬事的衝突反而遞減了 杜修蘭寫的好  整個故事活靈活現就好像任何會在你身邊出現的人一樣  反觀最近文壇許多後起濫用怪奇俗不可耐文字缺乏美感的作家 杜修蘭真是出類拔萃


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