Some books when you read them, you wanna clap for its' endings. Cuz the end of the book suprises you a lot. This book is talking about the 10 years in Mainland China's culture revolution. The knowledgeble people who had studied must have gone to the country doing the very basic works as labors. Even though, except for "The book of Mao", all of the other books were restricted, you could never stop being greedy for the books for some people. 2 young men, had tried they biggest effort to get a chase of the books. There's a little female tailler, she began with a girl who hardly could recognize any word. But the knowledge change people. She became more and more beautiful and smart, and she started to have the elegance of knowledge too. 2 young men were like feeding her with the nutrition of the words, sharing with her that chase of books. One day, she cut her long hair, and left the 2 men away.  According to what I've said in "The moon of Vancouver", men and women should all have their own space. With the space, your mind would get infinitive. The space comes from words, arts, and the liberty of speaking. Standing in the position of thoughts, no freedom rather die. Between men and women, speaking about the mind, there's never better or worse. Even the congenitial talent needs the acquired environment to provide the irrigation. Girls and boys, let us all stand at the same balanced, equall horizon happily together!

有時候 有些書本讀起來 你會想要為它的結局拍拍手 因為結尾的驚喜讓你覺得很過癮 這本書 描寫中國文革時代知青下放勞動的故事 就算除了毛語錄以外的書都被列為禁書 還是有這麼些愛書人捨不得放棄任何啃嚙書籍的機會 兩個年輕人 想盡辦法弄來了ㄧ箱書  有個小女裁縫師 本來是斗大的字不認得幾個的 可是知識可以教化人 她越來越成熟美麗 散發出知識的氣息 兩個年輕人就好像用文字餵養著她一般 拼命的與她分享那箱書 有天 她居然把長髮給剪了 離他們遠去 延續我在"溫哥華的月亮"所說過的話  男男女女都需要有自己的一片空間  有了空間 你的心就會無限偉大 這空間可以來自文字 來自藝術 來自談話的自由 在思想上 無自由毋寧死  男女之間 在思想上 沒有優劣之分 先天的天份也需要後天的養分來灌溉 女孩們與男孩們  讓我們都一起快樂的站在平等的水平線上吧!

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