Every saturday, uncle Renato would come to the house for lunch, and also the little cousins~Rossana and Domenico. Every saturday, Beatrice would prepare super lunch for us. All the time, after lunch, we take the coffee then everyone just leave the table, cuz saturday afternoon is very suitable for taking the nap. But today, Beatrice took out a love thing that surprised everybody~ the chestnuts. Not like chinese frying the nuts with sugar, italians fry them with the salt. Sweet fruit with a little bit salty flavor, and it's also very delicious too. When we have nuts, everyone got very happily and started chatting again, but the fun part was how to open the nuts and keep the complete shape. Without considering about how burning they were still, we took only 5 minutes to finish all of the nuts! What an easygoing saturday afternoon.

每個星期六  雷納多叔叔會帶著兩個小堂弟堂妹~小多和小蘿來吃午飯 每個禮拜六  伊媽媽就會準備超級豪華午餐餵飽我們  每次吃完午飯 大家喝了咖啡以後便會離開桌子   因為禮拜六下午十分適合睡午覺  可是今天伊媽媽拿出了讓我們非常驚喜的東西~栗子   不像中國栗子是用糖炒的  義大利人吃栗子是用鹽炒的 鹹鹹的外皮  與甜甜的栗子肉  也是十分好吃 當我們有了栗子   大家開心了起來並又打開了話匣子聊天  最好玩的部份是怎麼把栗子皮剝開而不傷到果肉  不顧燙手的外皮  只消五分鐘我們就解決了所有的栗子  真是個愜意的星期六午後


just fried chestnuts 剛炒好的栗子


Domy and Rossy were having fun 小多和小蘿吃的正開心


the pen for frying the chestnuts 炒栗子的鍋子

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