Autumn here we have very comfortable temperature. Not too cold not too warm. One beautiful sunday, after the chruch. Rocco, Anna, Sergio, Daniela, Ivano and me decided to go the mountain Gambarie. It's very autumn in the mountain, sometimes in the side of the roads you see the snow or the tree sleeves with all of the colors. Red, yellow, orange, golden, purple, green....but we were most excited for the eating. We went to a fabulous Sandwich shop. There people gathered in the nice wooden tables and chairs. Enjoy the best sandwich in the world. The bacon smells all fresh and with the juicy red color of diamond. The cheese is called "pecorino", is made by the milk of goat. Strong nice smell and flavor just perfect for the wine we were taking. With a little bit oil on the crispy mountain just backed bread. Of course we didn't forget to put some dry tomatos or oiled marshrooms for increasing more taste. When me and Ivano gave the first bite of the sandwich, I believed that we were all shirvering for the nice taste.

這裡的秋天有著舒服的天氣 不太冷也不太熱 ㄧ個美麗的星期日   去完教會之後  羅可 安娜 塞吉爾  丹尼葉菈  小伊和我決定前往崗巴里山  山上已經非常的秋天了  有時候在路旁 你可以看見一些雪 或者是色彩繽紛的樹葉  紅色 黃色 橘色 金色 紫色 綠色.... 但是我們對於食物卻更加興奮 我們抵達一個很棒的三明治店  在這間店裡  有著可愛的原木餐桌和椅子  我們可以坐在這些桌椅上享用全世界最好吃的三明治  嗯~~培根聞起來很新鮮  多汁  帶著紅寶石般的顏色  乳酪叫做"pecorino" 是用羊奶作成的 很強烈的香氣正好適合桌上的紅酒  ㄧ點點橄欖油澆在山中剛烤好的酥脆麵包  當然我們不忘以番茄乾或醃漬磨菇提味  當我和小伊一口咬下三明治時  我確信我們都因為此美味而發抖 

we took the bottle for containing the mountain water and drank it directly 我們拿瓶子裝水然後直接飲用



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