What we got from the nature are like the great presents from God. Chestnuts on every side of the roads. The last summer fruit~blueberry, so much like the little surprises from the branches.  But be careful of the poisoned marshrooms, they are colorful and they are dangerous. When we were picking up the chestnuts, we all got crazy!!! Guys either shaked the trees, either beated the branches with other branches. Girls with the prepared bags, picking up all of the lovely, fat chestnuts. Sometimes we shouted for the happiness of those fallen chestnuts, but sometimes we shouted for the chestnuts hit on our heads. oh~ due to the autumn we have too many apples, so everyone's making apple cake here~ creamy, sweet and lovely.

大自然的贈予就是上帝賜給我們最好的禮物 栗子鋪滿了每條路肩 夏日最後的果實~藍莓 也像一份驚喜一樣長在枝椏間  可是要小心啊  有毒的磨菇顏色鮮豔卻十分危險 當我們在撿拾栗子時  所有人都瘋狂了!! 男生們拿著樹枝敲打著栗子樹  女生們則忙著提著塑膠袋在地上撿拾肥胖可愛的栗子  有時候我們大叫  因為紛紛落下的栗子有許多  有時候大叫卻是因為栗子掉到我們的頭上  喔~還有因為秋天蘋果盛產  所以每個人只好都做蘋果蛋糕 綿密 香甜 可愛的蘋果蛋糕


blue berry and dangerous marshroom  藍莓和危險的磨菇

Ivano's beating the tree 小伊在敲打著樹 

wonderful fat chestnuts 美妙肥胖的栗子


except for apple cake, still apple cake 除了蘋果蛋糕 還是蘋果蛋糕


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