A chinese girl like me can't live with out chinese tea
like my grandpa
I love making the tea in a bitter way
I wait until it gets a little bit cooler
so when I work in front of the pc, I can drink it with no pro.
The one in the left is the pot from my dad with fancy painting.
The one in the right is the "tea ocean" from my grandpa
The on in the middle is the cup from Kelab's mom
The steps:
1. boil the water, put something like 1 tablespoon into the pot
2. first put the boiled water into the teapot and immediately pull the water out for washing the dust from the tea
3. we can start drinking the 2nd time of tea, everytime you pull the water in plz wait for 3~5mins
4. pull the tea into the "tea ocean" (so you get it? "tea ocean" is the "waiting section")
5. repeat the steps 2~3times, until the "tea ocean" gets full and it's also the right temparatue for drinking so bon appetito!!
hmm~it's bitter

當我在電腦前工作時 就可以猛灌
1. 燒開水  把約一匙的茶葉放入茶壺中 
2. 第一泡 先馬上把滾水到入再倒出 用來把茶葉上的灰塵洗乾淨
3. 第二泡開始可以喝了  每次倒入滾水請等待約三分鐘到五分鐘
4. 此時可以將泡好的茶倒入茶海了  (了解了嗎? 茶海就是"等待區")
5. 重複沖泡2~3次 等茶海滿了  溫度也剛好可以入口 就可以喝了


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