Anna is the friend of Ivano, now I'm very happy to say that she's also my friend.
In Italy, I can't find the other girl who's better than her.
She has very elegant appearance, very cute face and lovely smile.
But the most important thing is that she's so kind and wonderful.
With very poor italian, it's very hard for me to make friends in Italy.
(even I'm so crazy and funny)
but Anna she takes me as a  friend not because I'm funny or what,
because she knows me well.
At the beginning, we communicated with smiles.
But she tried so much to make friends with me.
Now she speaks better english, and with my still kind of poor italian.
I can say it happily that we are true friends.
We share, we joke, and we are also the best belly dance mates!!!!
Anna is the best italian woman!
安娜是老伊的朋友 現在我很高興的宣布她也是我的朋友
在義大利  我找不到第二個比她更好的朋友
她有著非常高雅的外表  可愛的臉龐和美麗的笑容
剛開始  我們只能以微笑來溝通
可是現在她說著比較好的英文 還有我仍然不怎樣的義大利文
我們聊天  開玩笑   並且還是肚皮舞的舞伴呢!!


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