This is the book that I really love recently, I've read 2 times already.
At the very first beginning I saw her on the bookshelf in Eslite (sorry I used "her")
I was attracted by the cover of the chinese version.
After I opened the book and I couldn't stop, I was totally conquered by the author.
A poor concierge who stays in a posh Paris building,
the elegant spirit inside but covered by the appearance of hedgehog.
A rich little girl but full of the thoughts of the unsatisfied of this world,
cuz she's too smart to see through this world.
We can't judge one person by the appearance even we think we have the eyes.
We can't judge on person by the words speaking out by him
even we think we have a brain.
One day moved into the building a japanese who's not that concieted,
and he at the same time brought in the eastern thoughts and peace.
With this chance 2 people with beautiful soul started communicated
After I finished the book and I coudn't stop thinking about it.
If we have sometimes the sides that we wish to hide.
Maybe this side wouldn't be accepted by the world.
Once it's not accepted, with what we hide and pack ourselves?
The niddles of the hedgehog or a nice-looking package?
The chines version is with a nice arm chair which reprensents the smart woman
but who meant to stay in the lawer level of society but unfortunatly smart.
The italian version cover is the girl who's too much mutural than her age
and she almost burn the world which makes her unsatisfied.
Who are you? Yet who am I? In this world how do we get along with ourselves?
Between the glitering of western culture and peace of eastern culture,
who is the middle and where's the contrat?
Is my point your point as well? Is my end also your terminal?
這是我最近最愛的書  我已經連讀兩遍了   剛開始我在誠品看到她 (請恕我用女性的"她") 是被中文版的封面吸引
打開書之後  完全停不下來  被作者了不起的知識給懾服了
ㄧ個住在巴黎高級大廈的貧窮女門房  不起眼的外表下是渴望知識的優雅  
一個身家富貴的小女孩 滿肚子的憤世嫉俗是因為太過聰明看破世態
我們不能憑外表來了解一個人  縱使我們都自以為有一雙眼睛
我們不能憑一個人的談吐來評斷一個人  縱使我們自以為有ㄧ顆腦袋
有一日搬進一個不那麼自以為的日本人  引進了屬於東方的美學與平靜
讀完了書我深思不已   是不是我們有時候也有想隱藏的一面
因為這一面或許不被週遭的環境接受  一旦不被接受 
是刺蝟的刺? 還是華麗的包裝紙?
中文版的封面是ㄧ張單人沙發  是命運注定要待在下層社會卻又聰明女門房
義大利文版的封面卻是太過早熟的女孩  差點要放把火燒掉這個令她不滿的世界
你是誰? 我是誰? 在人群面前我又該如何適從呢?
西方文化的俐落與東方文化的平和? 中心點在何處? 衝突在何處呢?
我的重點是否是你的重點?  我的終點是否是大家的終點呢?


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