Is this picture strange??
He's the typical "nicer looking in person"
Since he's young, he never had one nice looking pic.
I'm very kind to cut his ex from this pic for showing
the respect to his pre. gf.
I was his classmate since the 1st grade in elementary.
Now we are all old, but he's older.
one day the Nai family's got a meeting, and we invited him.
It's strange cuz we didn't drink anything but we all got crazy.
Oh!!! cuz he's looking at the moon.
Thanks old pal, for you collect the picture for me about eating.
So this dedicated to you.
 "Honor in Italy"
p.s. He forced me to call him "chinese cuisine jounalist"
從小到大  他的照片都令人不忍卒睹
我從小學ㄧ年級就和這個人同班了   真是孽緣
現在我們都老了   可是他還是比較老
有一天我們奶家(奶涵 奶芹 奶麗)聚會時有邀他
奇怪  那天明明沒有喝什麼怎麼那麼high呢???
喔  原來是他在看月亮啊~
謝謝你  老友 幫我收集好吃的 
p.s. 他逼我要稱他為"中式美食特派記者"


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