I used to think that "croche" is the japanese food,
How foolish I was!
The true identity of "croche" is actually italian!!

The way for italians eating rice is different from us.
The "Rice" is not the side food but the main course.
The "Bread" is the food beside, in other words,
The bread equals to our rice or noodles.
So when they cook the rice, they'd add the rice with flavor.
"Croche" is italian, not chinese or even japanese.
Now let's look at the rice croche,
step by step we'll see other type of croche, please expect!!
rice x 3cups, milk x 4cups (has to be over the rice),
parmesan x 1/2 cup, parsley x 2 tbs, butter x 1 tbs,
egg yolk x 2, salt, black pepper,
bread powder x 2 cups, egg white x 2, frying oil x 3 cups.
1. boil the rice, butter and the milk with the small fire, 
    for almost 20 mins, you need to stir all the time until it gets done.
    if you have electric pan, you can just throw all of them in
2. after the rice's done, add in parmesan, parsley, salt and pepper
    when it's still hot
3. when the rice gets cool, make it into the shape of little balls.
    with the beaten egg white cover outside the rice ball
    then cover some bread powder outside 
4. deep fry the balls into the oil and it's done.
ps. the reason why we boil the rice with the milk is 
      for making the rice stick together in the form of the balls. 
"麵包"才是配料, 換句話說, "麵包"等於我們的"飯或麵"
所以他們在煮米飯時都會加以調味  讓米入味
"Croche"是義大利文, 翻成日文或中文就是所謂的"可樂餅"
陸陸續續我還會介紹其他種類  請期待喔!!
米x3杯, 牛奶x4杯(必須蓋過米), 帕梅善乾酪粉x1/2杯,
荷蘭芹x2大匙, 奶油x1大匙, 蛋黃x2顆,  鹽, 黑胡椒,
麵包粉x2大杯, 蛋白x2顆, 炸油 x 3杯
1. 在鍋子裡用奶油和牛奶以小火將米飯慢慢煮熟, 過程當中
2. 趁熱馬上加入荷蘭芹, 乾酪粉, 蛋黃, 鹽和黑胡椒加以攪拌
3. 整鍋飯放涼以後揉成球狀, 蛋白稍微打發, 先將米飯球
    沾滿蛋白, 再沾上麵包粉, 下鍋油炸便完成!!
ps. 用牛奶煮米是為了可以將米飯容易黏在一起成球狀


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