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Meet in the First Two Versace AgustaWestland Helicopters


Milan, 20th March 2008. The collaborative venture between Versace and AgustaWestland to provide prestigious interiors for privately owned helicopters, today reached a significant landmark: the delivery of the first two exclusive models – a Grand and a 109 Power – to feature the Versace signature design specification.

Versace and AgustaWestland, two companies synonymous with luxury, design and technological innovation are hereby reaffirming their status as standard bearers for Italian quality and creative excellence throughout the world.

Versace is the first fashion house to bring the spirit of glamour and exclusive lifestyle into the aeronautical arena.

Giancarlo Di Risio, CEO Gianni Versace SpA, says: The interior design of helicopters is a natural development for Versace after its move into luxury resorts, private jets, super cars and yachts, all fitting vehicles for the unique lifestyle purveyed by the Maison.”

The first two helicopters, a Grand and a 109 Power, combine elegance, performance and sophistication, qualities expressed through the aerodynamic form of the machines and the external livery featuring the iconic Greek fret motif, symbol of the house of Versace, as well as the meticulous attention paid to the details and finish of the interiors.

The Grand has a passenger cabin designed to accommodate six people in comfort, each with an armchair clad in full grain black and white leather, embroidered by hand with Versace’s signature Greek fret motif. The flooring is covered in soft black wall-to-wall carpet, while the side surfaces are clad in black leather interspersed with panels in carbon fibre fabric. A small metal tag set against a leather background, inspired by the Versace Couture fashion line, is positioned in the centre of the cabin and uniquely numbered to confirm the special status of the helicopter. The two armchairs in the cockpit (the pilot’s cabin), clad in black and white leather and also featuring the Maison’s Greek fret symbol, have an aerodynamic, wraparound shape.

The research, development programme and supreme craftsmanship witnessed by every detail of these two helicopters, delivers an opulent travelling environment, in which elegance is perfectly matched by function.


The collaboration between Versace and AgustaWestland is aimed at an exclusive target market, offering the cachet of a world-leading fashion brand to the aviation industry, a brand that is a byword for contemporary luxury.








米蘭,兩千零八年三月二十日。由凡賽斯以及奧古斯塔˙偉士蘭(直昇機產業公司)合併所打造的頂級室內空間設計私人直升機,在今天步入了一個意義深遠的里程碑:隨著這首次合作的兩台獨有罕見型號的出爐:一架宏偉直昇機(Grand,雙渦輪發動直升機)以及另一架一零九威力直昇機(109 Power,輕型雙引擎機)。証明了凡賽斯這個品牌在設計上所到達的顯著地位。



強卡羅˙雷西歐Giancarlo Di Risio凡賽斯時裝企業董事以及喬尼˙凡賽斯Gianni Versace SpA凡賽斯時裝企業締造者暨領導人)曾說道:「對於擁有如此奢華設計表現的凡賽斯品牌而言,整個企業發展走向直昇機的室內空間設計是一項自然而然的趨勢與成就,其他好比私人噴射機、跑車、遊艇,或是舉凡所有的陸上交通工具都非常適合搭配Maison所提供的獨特寫意生活風格。」

至於這兩架機型,Grand宏偉直昇機以及109 Power一零九威力直昇機,更是結集了優雅、高尚、精緻於大成,除了機體本身材質帶出了空氣力學的流暢線條之外,其機身外觀更以凡賽斯的象徵,希臘苦惱肖像為主題,以高度的表現力展現內外兼俱的絕佳狀態。





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