acciughe crispella 鐘型鮷魚麵包 
How should I describe?? The 1st bite you give to the bread,
immediatelly the whole italian feeling runs toward you!
該怎麼形容呢?? 這種麵包一咬下去

Very strong smell and very crispy, and each different provinces has
different ways of cooking it. But they're all wonderful! 
Some are sicilian style, some are napolian style,
But they're all super tasty! and surprisingly easy to cook!!
flour x 500g, water about x 3 tazze (depends, more or less)
yeast x 3g (1 tablesp,) remember to put inside of 3 tbsp warm water,
and mix the warm water into the paste,
salt x 2 tbsp, anchovy paste.
1. add the warm water slowly into the flour,
    and slowly add in the water, remember to see the quantity
    of water carefully, if the flour becomes the dry paste,
    then you can stop the water
2. beat hardly the paste with the hands for about 10 mins,
    leave the paste for 2 hrs for fermentation.
3. after 2hrs, the paste would become soft and big,
    with the hands or spoon to make the paste into little balls.
4. wrap each little ball a little bit of anchovy,
    deep fry the balls in the very hot oil, and it's done!
Note: depends on the cities of Italy, you can change the ingredients.
          dry salted tomatos or olive are suitable!
很香很酥 而且各地方有各地方的作法
有的是西西里風味, 有的是拿坡里風味
可是滋味都非常美妙, 而且作法出乎意料的簡單!
麵粉x500克, 水x3杯左右(看情況可多可少), 
麵包發酵粉x3g (一大匙)記得用三大匙溫開水泡開再一起加入麵糰中,
鹽x2大匙, 鯷魚醬
1. 將泡了發粉的溫開水慢慢加入麵糰之中, 再慢慢倒入水,
    記得要邊加水邊看份量, 麵粉差不多成不要太濕的麵糰了
2. 用力的捶打麵糰約十來分鐘, 靜置兩小時醒麵糰
3. 兩小時後, 麵糰會膨脹的很鬆軟, 用手或湯匙捏成ㄧ小球ㄧ小球的
4. 每球包入一點鯷魚醬, 入油鍋炸即可, 記得油要非常非常熱!
Note: 看各地口味不同, 也可包入醃的番茄乾或是橄欖


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