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push, push, push!!!
Even though I've seen this movie long time ago,but I was again touched after watching it.
The real meaning of Ratatouille is a dish of baking sliced veggies.
But the best line is :"Even not everyone is the artist, but there's an artist living in everyone."
BANG, one great shot in my heart.
p.s. even the "big mutural adult man~Ivano" was so touched...
最棒的一句台詞是 :"雖然不是每個人都是藝術家, 可是每個人心裡都住著一個藝術家"!!
砰!!一槍射中我心裡!!   p.s. 就連"成熟的大男人~老伊"都被感動了喔....


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