driving to school 開車去學校 
This is the freeway that I have to pass
by driving every morning for goint to work.
The cars are fast, and I'm always very careful.
There happen always the sad story.
Almost every 1 or 2 weeks, there're be little cats or dogs bodies lying there.
Italians drive very fast, and here's full of the street animals.
So here the law says you must crash over the little animals
for avoiding the even bigger accident.
Poor little animals, compare there lives with the noble human beings,
their lives are like nothing.
Very often, I see the new bodies lying besides the roads.
After few days, with the same posture lying there.
After few weeks, it'd become smaller or flater.
After few months, the bones and the bodies vanished away....
車速很快, 我總是開的小心翼翼
幾乎每隔一兩個禮拜, 就會有小貓或小狗的屍體躺在路邊
義大利人開車車速很快, 偏偏這裡流浪動物很多
你必須輾過牠, 以免左閃右閃造成更可怕的車禍
幾天之後, 還是保持原姿勢躺在那邊
幾個禮拜, 同樣的屍體好像有點變小了或變扁了
幾個月之後, 連骨肉都消失了......


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