La Boheme 波希米亞人的譜 
The new project of chorus in January is the romantic opera "La Boheme"
we have only 4 days for rehearsal and then directly we have to get into the
theater of Messina City in Sicily.
La Boheme is the most lovely cute opera of Puccini.
Since I was young I've heared my soprono friends,
one after one, time after time, singing the characters in the opera,
such as : Mimi, or Musetta.
Poor tender Mimi, lovely interesting Musetta,
how beautiful their Arie are....
I have to shout again to Puccini, "it's not fair!!!"
Why such a great opera composer, such a genius composer,
who never wrote any character for contrati?? or mezzo?
I'm proud that I'm a mezzo soprano, and of course
there're also lots of songs I could sing.
But when it comes to the music of Puccini, I really have to
shout to all of the soprani: "I envy you girls!!!!!!!"
我從小就聽遍女高音好友們ㄧ個接一個練唱裡面的Mimi, Musetta等角色
楚楚可憐的Mimi, 嬌豔活潑的Musetta, 她們的詠嘆調真是動人啊
我必須再一次向浦契尼先生大喊: "你偏心!!!"
為什麼那麼會寫音樂的歌劇作家, 可以寫得出這麼動人音樂的浦契尼
我很自豪我是個女中音, 當然也不乏很多我可以唱的美麗歌曲
可是當我遇到浦契尼的音樂時, 我也不免要向女高音們大喊:

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