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It's been a long time that I don't write the recipe, 1st it's cuz my camera's still broken,
2nd it's cuz we r 2 busy n' Ivano's mom has no time cooking and neither do I have time
writing blog. But for these lovely little balls, u can serve it on the table for a meal,
and also take it as the desert. I was having fun making it. And I tell you,
it's easy to death to make it!!!
flour x 3 cups, bier x 1/2 cup, milk x 1/3 cup, egg x 1,
water x 1/2 cup, cooked pumpkin mashed into mud x 1cup, 
baking powder x 1 tbsp, parmesan x 1/3cup, salt, black pepper
1. mix all of the ingredients together, it'd become a type of liquid paste
2. with a spoon, everytime pull up a little bit as little balls
    and deep-fry them in very hot oil and it's done.
While frying it, remember to put on the shower hat for avoiding the
terrible smell of oil get into hair.
很久都沒有寫食譜了, ㄧ方面是因為我的相機仍然壞掉中
二方面是因為大家都太忙了 伊媽媽沒時間好好做菜, 我也沒時間寫部落格
可是這到可愛的菜, 非常容易做, 可以當作一餐來吃, 也可以當作點心,
麵粉x3杯, 啤酒x1/2杯, 牛奶x1/3杯, 蛋x1,
水x1/2杯, 煮熟的南瓜輾成泥狀X1杯,
發粉x1匙, 帕梅善乾酪粉x1/3杯, 鹽, 黑胡椒
1. 所有的材料一口氣拌在一起, 會變成一種很稀的麵糊
2. 用一個湯匙, 每次挖一小糰放入很熱的油鍋中油炸便完成了
炸的過程, 請必戴浴帽以免頭髮被可怕的油薰臭喔!

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