me, n Claudia 我和克勞蒂亞 
Last month we were so frightened by the costumes of Turandot.
It's not only ugly.... but also stinked to death.....I wonder if they're 100 years old.
This time, we're participating La Boheme, finally we can play the rich ladies.
Look how much fun we're having with the costume, and they smell nice as well.
Claudia's clothes is elegant and simple but posh as well, so she's COCO CHANEL.
Mine's posh, exagerated and full of the feather, so I'm CRISTINA DIOR.
So it proves, when you're playing an opera, how do the costumes smell matter a lot.
上個月我們演杜蘭朵時, 被戲服嚇個半死
這次我們演出波希米亞人, 終於可以扮演貴婦人了
看看我們身穿戲服玩的有多開心, 而且它們還香香的.
克勞蒂亞很簡單大方又不失高雅, 所以她是COCO CHANEL 香奈兒
我的衣服很高級又誇張, 還滿是羽毛, 所以我是CRISTINA DIOR迪奧
所以這證明, 當你在演ㄧ齣歌劇時, 戲服的香臭程度很重要.

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