Water is easy to get along with, cuz it's the best solvent.
Water is generous, cuz it gets into your stomach and save your thirst.
Water is beautiful, cuz it feels the emotion arround and gets in the different crystallization under the microscope.
Water is creative, cuz there're thousands shapes of it.
Water is good, so I carry it along with me all the time.
水很好相處, 因為水是最好的溶劑
水也很慷慨, 它提供你喝下肚解渴.
水很美麗, 它感應到週遭的情緒反應而在顯微鏡下出現不同的結晶.
水很有創意, 它的形狀變化萬千.
水很好, 我天天把水帶在身邊.

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