(internet pic~lovely swedish princess Victoria)
Due to Messina city and Sweden was having the culture comunication, so the princess of Sweden came to Messina herself, for the princess, we held a concert in the Main Church of Messina. "Princess", isn't the princess like the charcter from the fairy tale? How should a princess behave? I"m really curious.
The ceremony was very big, and from the entrance until the stage was full of the blue carpet.  Of course it's also full of the police. All of the people who wanted to get in was been highly controlled. The church was beautiful and shined the lovely golden color in every corner, we were working with the orchestra of Institude of Palermo, I'm sorry to say that it's not really a great concert. (but absolutely it's not our fault.)The program was : Aida, Nabucco, Ave Maria, Requiem of Mozart, Hallelujah of Handel, The song of Joy from Beethoven, And also "Nessun dorma" such stuffs... That day in Messina rained crazily, we were sitting on the stage and waited for 30 mins,
all of a sudden the police cars sounded loudly, so the princess arrived. "How does the princess look like?" "How would she act?" We were really too much curious, so we all straightened our head to watch her, wow, she's here. 32 year old princess looked like very kind and lovely.  She's really friendly and with the elegant shirt., even thogh she's not a tall girl and not extremly beautiful,  but you could feel "wow, it's the chram of a princess".
The program was long and boring, we had to keep on listening those boring speeches from the politicians, and they had to keep of give the awards to some students, that's why they arranged the concert in. We were all so sleep on the stage, my collegues were moving around as well,
but the princess is really the princess, from the beginning to the end, she was sitting straightly on the chair. and on her face was always the perfect, peaceful smile. And it's not easy to be a princess. Cuz she doesn't understand italian, so her head had to always turn around to the back for listening the translation. but you'd never see her with the tiring face.  When she's giving the speech on the stage with the strong swedish accent english, she was so close to the chorus, and she suddenly turned around kindly lovely said "thank you" to us. We all fell in love with her. She really is like from a fairy tale, how uneasy to be a princess.
Even the day of Messina rained crazily, but the chram of princess filled Messina as well.
由於美西納市和瑞典在進行文化交流, 所以瑞典的公主親自降臨西西里島, 為了公主. 我們在美西納的主教堂辦了一場盛大的音樂會."公主", 不就是出現在童話故事裡的人物嗎? 到底公主該怎樣舉止? 我十分好奇.大教堂的場面很是盛大, 從入口到教堂的舞台都鋪滿了藍色的地毯, 佈滿了警力自然是不在話下, 所以進入教堂的人都受嚴格管控,教堂金碧輝煌很耀眼, 我們和帕勒摩市的學院樂團合作, 我只能說真是一場不怎樣的音樂會. (我只能說絕對不是我們的錯) 曲目有: 阿伊達, 那布果, 聖母頌, 莫札特安魂曲, 韓德爾的哈利路亞大合唱, 貝多芬的歡樂頌, 其他還有公主徹夜未眠這些曲目.美西納當天大雨滂沱, 我們坐在舞台上等了三十分鐘, 突然教堂外警車聲大作, 自然是公主駕到. "公主長得怎樣?" "公主的派頭如何?" 我們實在太好奇了, 所以全都伸長了脖子向前觀望. 終於, 哇! 公主來了, 三十二歲的公主, 看起來十分可愛.好親切, 衣著也很雅緻, 全身套裝, 雖然她個子不高, 也不是非常美麗, 可是妳可以感覺到"這就是公主的魅力"
節目編排很冗長, 很無聊, 要一直聽市長或當地行政高官說那些廢話, 還要不停的頒獎給一些學生, 所以才要穿插我們的音樂會. 我在舞台上猛打呵欠, 我的同事們也蠢蠢欲動, 可是公主就是公主, 從頭到尾坐的直挺挺的, 臉上永遠帶著平和的微笑,真是了不起, 公主很不好當, 因為她聽不懂義大利文, 所以頭要一直向後偏四十五度聽她的翻譯. 可是她真是絲毫不帶倦意. 當公主站在台上致詞時, 她離我們合唱團好近, 當她用濃濃的瑞典口音英文演講完之後, 高雅又親切的轉過頭來對我們道謝,大家都愛上了公主...公主真不愧是童話裡的主角, 當公主真不容易....
當天, 雖然美西納的大雨很瘋狂, 可是公主真是熱力四射.

(we were rehearsaling with the orchestra)
Concert day in the Church of Messina 音樂會當天在美西納大教堂 

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