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Every time after I finished the movie or book about killing jews,
for many days in the dream I'd keep on dreaming about it.
And I'd think hardly "Why?"

The completed, once were beautiful lives,
why the nazi wouldn't give them up?
The part that made me really sad was not the end how they died,
but the beginning how they had their lives.
They had as well nice clean furnitures, had puppies and cats,
had the radio too for the music.
Once as well didn't have to escape, avoiding for the killing, 
the cruel part was that the blood they had inside,
became their only death reason.
I finished the movie 2 days ago, if Anna didn't day,
what would she wanna be?  A "writer"!!
A young 14 year old girl with the words so muture
so free and so interesting, and we people saw only her "diary"
Imagine if she didn't die how many good books we could read from her.
This beautiful brain, beautiful sould, had done nothing wrong,
died in the concertration camp.
I really have no wrods.  
這些完整的, 曾經美好的生命, 為什麼納粹不能放過他們?
也有過美麗整潔的家具, 也有過小狗小貓, 也有過收音機聽音樂,
也曾經不用逃亡, 不用躲逼追殺. 最可笑的是因為他們骨子中流的血液
我前天晚上看完了"安娜的日記", 如果她沒死, 她想當什麼?
"作家"呢!! ㄧ個年輕十四歲少女的文字是那麼的洗鍊,
那麼的自由奔放又引人入勝, 而我們世人看到的還只是她的"日記"
這顆美麗的腦袋, 這個美麗的靈魂, 不曾犯下什麼過錯, 死在集中營.

Anne_Frank.jpg Anna Frank 1912~1945

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