playing foolish 耍笨 
Before finding each other, we used to feel very lonely sometimes...
在我們找到彼此之前, 有時候曾經會覺得很孤單.
Sometimes you have a too strange thought, and it's hard to tell.
Sometimes everyone turns right, but you wanna turn left.
Sometimes you wanna tell a joke but no one understands.
Sometimes you have a special side that you can't show to any other one.
Sometimes you stand in a empty place but you feel like in a cage.
Sometimes you're in the crowds but you still feel like lonly and scared.
Sometimes your brain is too wierd you don't who you could share with.
Sometimes there's a good song and you wanna find someone to listen together.
Sometimes there's a movie everyone says it's good, but actualy you think it's ok.
Sometimes you have an ice-cream and it's impossible to finish it alone.
Luckly I found Ivano, so we can do all of these things above together.
有時候有ㄧ個奇特的想法由於太奇特, 很難對任何人啟齒,
有時候大家都往右走, 你卻想往左走.
幸好現在我找到老伊, 以上那些事我們全都可以一起做.

Valentine morning's extremly cold, I opened the window
and I saw the snow in the top of the mountain.
情人節早上特別的冷, 我打開窗戶, 山頭積滿了雪.
snow on the mountain 山上的積雪
Ivano's seriously thinking about where to go for celebrating the day.
Ivano before getting out 老伊出門前
Great eaters like us decided to go to a restaurant, it's called
"Mother in law's basement".
restaurant for the lunch 午飯餐廳 
The dishes were so much like the homemade food.
They were all traditional Calabria food.
菜色很像家庭料理, 都是傳統的卡拉布里亞菜.
starters 前菜
It's too cold, if we wanna keep alive it's better to not take a walk
besides the sea, so we stayed in the car watching the sea, the seagull, and the snow.
實在是太冷了, 根本無法好好散個步, 所以我們決定待在車子裡看海, 看海鷗, 看雪.

self taking 自拍 
Italian way for celebrating everything ends up with a cup of coffee,
so we decided to follow the tradition.
took a coffee in the bar 喝杯下午咖啡 
Even though we were really full, but my "sweets stomach" was still empty.
雖然我們已經很飽了, 可是我"甜點的胃"卻還是空的.
snack from the bar 咖啡吧的點心
While I was eating the sweets, Ivano again started reading something,
he really reads everywhere, everytime...
就在我大磕甜點之際, 老伊隨手抓了個什麼又讀了起來,
Ivano reads always 總是在閱讀的老伊 

Than later after, we rent "Mamma mia" from Blockbuster,
for 2 crazily busy people like us, "stay in peace and relax"
was the best way for celebrating.
Happy San Vanlentine's day to each one of you.
之後, 我們到百事達租了"媽媽咪呀", 對於平時瘋狂忙碌的我們兩個人
來說, "休息養生"就是最好的慶祝方法.

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  • Faith
  • Aww, glad you had a good valentine's day. I'm useful Italian phrases, like "dammi un bacio!" Miss you.
  • Hey dear, how's it going?
    How did you pass your San Valentine?? By the way, congradulations to your italian,

    趙默默 於 2009/02/19 00:53 回覆

  • Faith
  • Mia regazzo sent me a dozen roses for San Valentino. :) Things are going well here. I've been sick for a while but am getting better. I miss you!
  • "mio ragazzo", but not "mia" wow, your ragazzo is so romantic!!! I love flowers! I miss you too!! you don't come to msn very often recently, is it because of the sick?

    趙默默 於 2009/02/19 16:25 回覆

  • Faith
  • Ahh, thank you, Italian teacher! The reason I don't get on msn is that I forget to log on. My computer is too slow, so I try to have as few things running as possible. I'll try to change!
  • ah ok!!! don't worry haha, I'm so glad that you're watching my blog, tell me the truch, is it funny my english? I'm sure that I've made so much mistakes

    趙默默 於 2009/02/19 17:14 回覆

  • 母字
  • 窗外可以看到雪喔,好棒喔~~冷一點也值得的啦!
  • 可是手和腳很冰ㄝ

    趙默默 於 2009/02/19 18:17 回覆

  • Faith
  • Your English is very "Monique"--I love it! I can hear your voice when I read your words. :) You're doing a good job.
  • 優雅
  • 一直很感謝跟羨慕我認識的好女孩們有超棒的靈魂伴侶
  • Dear優雅加油!
    減肥是一輩子的事, 因為我從15歲以來就是一直在過著減肥人生直到現在呢!
    雖然飢餓很痛苦, 可是瘦下來的輕盈真叫人想跳躍呢!

    趙默默 於 2012/05/01 17:54 回覆