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Who are the great eaters in this house?? Me and Ivano,
誰是家裡的好吃鬼??? 就是老伊和我
no matter how old we are, in moms eyes we r always like children.
Everyday 2 of us after the work would feel crazily hungry.
And recently it's too cold outside, Ivano's mom would cook this dish,
for warming us and filling our empty stomach.
shred beef x 300g, parmesan cheese x 1/2cup, bread powder x 1/3cup,
egg x 1, parsely x 1 sp, chopped onions x 1, potato cut in cubes x 3,
water x 2 cups, salt, pepper, olio
1. mix beef, parmesan, bread powder, egg, parsley, salt and pepper,
    and make it into little balls.
2. fry the onions with the olio until the onion gets yellow and soft.
3. add in the potato, and also a little bit salt with the potato
    keep on frying for a while
4. add the water, when the water boils add in the meatball, stew it
    until everything gets soft, watch out to not ruin the shape of the balls.
無論我們長到幾歲了, 我們的媽媽們永遠覺得我們像小孩
每天我們下班回家以後都瘋狂的飢餓. 而且外面真是冷到不行
牛絞肉x300g, 帕梅善乾酪粉x1/2杯, 麵包粉x1/3杯
蛋x1, 巴西利x2匙, 切碎的洋蔥x1, 切塊的馬鈴薯x3個,
水x2杯, 鹽, 胡椒, 油
1. 混合牛肉, 帕梅善, 麵包粉, 蛋, 巴西利, 鹽, 胡椒然後搓成小球
2. 用油炒洋蔥直到金黃軟爛
3. 加入馬鈴薯再繼續炒一下, 加入一點點的鹽
4. 加水, 當水沸騰之後, 加入肉丸子小心不要破壞形狀

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