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Even though this jam biscuit is really too easy, for people who don't make the sweets are
so easy to succed. But the tast is not easy, give it a bite from the middle,
the jam would lovely come out.
雖然這個果醬餡餅作法真的太簡單, 對於很少做甜點的人來說成功率實在很高,
可是味道卻很不簡單. 一口從中咬下, 果醬餡會馬上衝出來.
flour x 2cups, butter x 1cup, sugar x 2/3cup, milk x 1 tbsp, egg x 1, jam x 1can
(choose your own fevorite flavor of jam, I chose the blueberry jam)
1. leave the butter under the normal temparature, when it gets soft, mix
    the butter with the flour by hands
2. than add in the sugar, milk, and egg
3. mix the dough very well, if you find it too wet, add in some more flour
    for avoiding it stick on the hands
4. make the dough into same size little balls, rap the a little bit of jam,
    and pressure the balls flat a little bit
5. oven 200'c x 12~15 min, if the jam comes out it's fine,
    anyway increases a little bit of colour
6. when the biscuits get cold, they'd become crispy.
麵粉x2杯, 奶油x1杯, 糖x2/3杯, 牛奶x1大匙, 蛋x1, 果醬x1罐
(果醬請選擇自己最喜歡的口味, 我選的是藍莓果醬)
1. 奶油在室溫下融化之後, 用手和麵粉一起搓揉
2. 稍微混合奶油和麵粉之後, ㄧ口氣加入糖, 牛奶, 和整顆蛋
3. 不停的搓揉約3~5分鐘, 如果麵糰很黏手, 就再適量的加入一些麵粉
4. 把麵糰捏成一顆顆等大的小球, 用湯匙挖ㄧ點點果醬包進去, 再稍微壓扁
5. 入烤箱, 200'c x 12~15分鐘, 如果果醬跑出來也沒關係, 可以稍微增加一點顏色
6. 待涼, 就會變成外酥內軟的果醬餡餅.

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