flower from cousin Domenico 表哥送的花 
Since the beginning of 20th century, there's always the feminist movement
in everywhere of the world, every year on the 8th of march, there's the
big march and activities. I really thank these pioneers, because of their
efforts, I could be raised up in a open world with the open mind.
自從二十世紀初女權運動高漲以來, 每年的三月八日都有盛大的抗議遊行活動,
我很感謝這些先驅, 因為他們的努力, 我才得以在開放的思想下養成開放的頭腦.

But the women's authority doesn't have to be higher than the men,
as long as everyone cares about the equality in the world,
the world would be very beautiful.
Today we went' to have lunch in uncle Mimmo and aunt Rosaria's house.
Cousin Domenico gave me a little bouquet. I see nowadays, men and
women share the works, inside and outside, I feel it's wonderful and
lovely.  And I also feel the sky today looks especially elegant.
可是女權不用高過男權, 只要人人在乎平等, 這個世界就會很美麗.
今天我們去彌莫叔叔和羅莎莉亞阿姨家吃飯, 多明尼克表哥送給我一束花,
我看到今天的日子, 男男女女分工合作, 內外兼俱, 覺得現今很美麗,

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