義大利人其實很多時候吃的很簡單, 但是東西好吃是在於吃食材的原味, 像這樣簡單的義大利麵, 卻香味十足. 做好吃的義大利麵把握的唯一原則就是: 麵務必要煮的彈牙, 所以煮麵時要記得加鹽. 這道香料麵在義大利各處都吃的到, 像這樣的混何香料包到處也都買的到, 裡面的內容物很簡單: 乾大蒜, 乾辣椒, 胡椒, 和大量的巴西利(洋香菜, 現在頂好超市都買的到), 以上這四樣簡單的東西混合之後用油爆香出來的美味是無與倫比的! 加以少許的培根碎肉是為了利用肥肉融化以增添肉香, 上桌前記得再加上少許的帕梅善乾酪粉, 包准你可以嗑上一大盤!

Very often actually italians eat simply, but the good taste comes from the original flavor of the ingredients. A plate of spaghetti like this it's easy but extremly delicious. The only principle for cooking spaghetti is make sure it's "al dente", not over cooked, so while boiling the spaghetti, add in also salt it's necessary. This plate of spice spaghetti, you can find it everywhere in italy, and this little package of mixing spices is easy to buy as well. The spices inside are: dry garlic, dry chilly pepper, dry black pepper, and a lot of parsley. They are simple but after you fry them together with the oil they'd become amazingly tasteful. You also put a little bit of bacon for melting it's fat together for adding more flavor. Remember to serve it with parmesan, I can promise you're gonna eat it a lot!

培根香料炒義大利麵 (2).JPG
我是用圖中的香料包製作的, 可是其實老伊的姊姊都直接用新鮮的食材作味道更好.
巴西利x2大匙 (在台灣可能只能在超市買乾的)
鹽, 帕梅善乾酪粉,
1. 用橄欖油將培根爆香, 然後將大蒜, 辣椒切片以後與胡椒, 巴西利, 適量的鹽
    丟入鍋中稍微大火拌炒一分鐘就好, 注意不要炒焦.
2. 煮好的義大利麵也倒入鍋中一起拌炒一分鐘左右就可以熄火
3. 上桌前灑上乾酪粉
培根香料炒義大利麵 (1).JPG

I was cooking with the mixing spices, but Ivano's sister says it's even better to cook directly with the fresh ingredients.
garlic x 3~4,
cilly pepper x 1,
black pepper x 1 tsp,
parsley x 2 tbsp,
chopped bacon x 1/3cup,
olive oil x1tbsp,
salt, parmesan,
cooked spaghetti x 1~2 portion
1. fry the bacon with the oil, then add in the sliced garlic and chilly pepper,
    black pepper, salt, and parsley, fry them together about 1 min,
    be careful to not burn them
2. add in the cooked spagetti together in the pan for 1 min
3. serve it with a little bit of parmesan on the top.


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